Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday News of the Inane: New Jersey Lawyers Should Chain Selves to Desks

It's been awhile, but we've been prompted to post again, thanks to a New Jersey Ethics Opinion that issued last week. The ABA Law Journal has a good summary here and also provides to links to several bloggers who have already commented on the opinion.

We'd just like to add the following: Really? Clients will be unable to reach their lawyers if the lawyers don't maintain a physical office and a receptionist? Guess how many of our clients have ever dropped by? Right. None.

If in-house counsel or a business person needs to reach us, he or she generally calls or e-mails one of us. The beauty of modern technology is that we can forward our office lines to our smartphones and be reached by phone or e-mail anywhere we happen to be (e.g., at a CLE, in the car, attending a preschool field trip to a plant nursery, or what have you). One cannot exactly pick up a "bona fide" office and put it in one's pocket, New Jersey.

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